About Us

You prioritize health and balance in your life. Taking care of yourself is important. We are here to help and be a part of your journey!

Are you tired of eating the same steamed chicken and broccoli every day? We get it! At Charlie, we deliver the nutrition that you need without skimping on flavour and variety. Sourcing our produce from local farms and only using high-quality meat and seafood inspires our chefs to come up with delicious new menus every week.

We know that eating well leads to feeling better, which carries over into other areas of life and we believe that everyone should experience this. We are so excited to be introducing Charlie to our community of Durham Region.

It’s all very simple: you choose your meals online and you are set for the week. No shopping, no cooking, no cleaning, no hassle. Just heat and eat! 

Chef Jen

First earning her stripes and her Red Seal certification in the kitchen under the guidance of some of Toronto's top chefs, Chef Jen's 15 year career has seen her cooking for star athletes of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors, as well as numerous entertainers and celebrities.

Chef Jen is a strong advocate for using natural, unprocessed ingredients in cooking. A long time resident of Durham Region, Jen is also very passionate about introducing proper nutrition to the younger generation and has cooked countless healthy meals for junior athletes in the community over the years.  

Chef Shovgi

Growing up on the coast of the Caspian Sea, Chef Shovgi first found a love for food in his grandma's kitchen. He spent much of his youth travelling and learning about culinary traditions from all around the world.

A classically trained Red Seal certified chef, Shovgi has had the privilege of cooking for royalty and dignitaries at one of Toronto's most iconic kitchens. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant flavours of his childhood, Chef Shovgi believes that the foundation of a great meal lies in combining wholesome, seasonal, quality ingredients with an honest, rustic approach to cooking.